Creating a Master Bedroom Retreat {before & design plan}

How to create a master retreat. Start with before pictures and a plan. Don't judge...
After taking a one month hiatus in the summer for our Operation Project Organization, we are back this month with our Master Bedrooms.

The Master Bedroom should be a retreat. It should be the one place in the home that is relaxing to go into and enjoyable. It should be...our Master is not right now. At one point in time it was. That point in time was before our daughter was born. So I am on a mission this month to turn our bedroom into the retreat it once was for us.
But there is one minor detail I am combating with - budget. Since we have adjusted some of our goals for the year and for our family, we are cutting our budgets back. So I will be working with a fun, small budget this month.

Without any further ado, I will hide my face in embarrassment when I show you our Master Bedroom in it's current state. Please don't judge. {mom look away!}

I told you it was bad...we have totally let our room go. Notice the massive piles of laundry, the rocking chair that doesn't belong there covered in outgrown baby clothes (the chair needs to be resprung and put back in my daughter's room), unmade bed, baby toys everywhere and nothing on the walls. I almost don't even know where to begin.

Since last month was our anniversary, I am on a mission to make it a retreat for us.

Here is my inspiration:
I am joining along with Jenny and going for a tropical theme this time. We got married in Cancun, so it is only appropriate that we are going for that type of retreat.

I love the orange and navy and aqua colors, but I may use coral instead. I would love a new headboard, but I don't know if it will happen. We are planning on having a large piece done for our wall, but we need to decide if we will do it or someone else will do it. And lastly, we would love to create a seating area to read and relax.

Here are my goals for this month with this project challenge:
  • Make my bed every day (or at least once I figure out what we are doing). There really is something about having a made bed.
  • Keep the floors free of clothing, clutter, etc.
  • Get unnecessary items out of the room and bring in only those things that will make us happy
  • Declutter our clothing and re-organize our drawers and closets
Along for the ride is also Jenny at Renovar Design. She is also tackling her Master Bedroom. Take a look at her before and plans.

Have plans for your master? For inspiration, follow along on my Pinterest board.
Follow Stephanie {Managing A Home}'s board Home | Master Bedroom on Pinterest.

Share your before and afters with me! I would love to feature them on Facebook!
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  1. You've definitely got space working for you, which is a good thing. My master bedroom is teeny tiny. :) I love your design ideas, and I know you're going to love your new retreat when it's done! (I'm linking my recent master redo: )

    1. Lara I saw yours! It looks so great! I am considering moving the bed in front of a window and I would love to do the curtains like you did. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Our bedroom is the last place to ever get touched! With little ones I hardly ever go into but to sleep. I have a great vision that will one day come to life. I love the theme you choose and I can't wait to see the finished product! It is great you are setting goals for the project.

    1. I feel the same way about our bedroom. But it's time we do something for us. Thanks so much. Little goals are so much better to accomplish and I am trying to be realistic about the goals. We have a little one too!

  3. It looks like you have a really nice, good size space with lots of natural light. Your ideas are going to make it look wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing it finished!!

    1. I am so thankful for our natural light! Thanks :)


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