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I am excited to have guest poster Brittany from Overdue Organizing here today. She is sharing with you ways to keep homework managed for the school year starting soon. Back to School Organization - Homework Station

Have your kids headed back to school already? My little one isn't in school yet, but I am anticipating the start of the school year since I work in Teen Services at my library and do all the after school programming. In my office at the library, I like to keep a box of homework supplies handy for teens who may need them. I love the idea of creating a "homework station" in your home so that everything your children may need is in one place. This is definitely something I plan to do when C is school age & starts bringing home homework. I am sure it will save time and frustration to have everything at hand.

Here is some homework station inspiration:
Homework Station 1
1. Back to School Tips by Polka Dot Chair
The file folder with papers to be signed is genius! And I love that this station is portable thanks to the cute tray complete with handles.
  Homework Caddy
2. DIY Wooden Homework Caddy by Uncommon Designs
If you're feeling crafty, find an inexpensive crate to jazz up with some paint and and stickers or vinyl letters. Add some mason jars & file folders, and you have an adorable and portable homework caddy!
  Back to School Homework Station
3. Mini Homework Station by The House of Smiths
I love how this tray hold a lot of stuff while taking up little space. The chalkboard paint on the container lids is a nice touch, as is the motivational quote!

4. DIY Lazy Susan Homework Caddy by Home Stories A to Z
This set up is really smart - placing the metal tins on a lazy susan allows for more than one person to have access to all the supplies from across the table. And attaching the tins with magnets keeps them in place but also gives you flexibility to remove them if needed.

Homework Station 2
5. Back to School Homework Caddy by Chocolates for Breakfast
This 3-tiered caddy makes the most of vertical space and even includes a spot for snacks. The blogger made it herself with pie tins, candlesticks, and small storage buckets.

How would you organize a homework station?

Brittany is a mom and librarian who blogs at She enjoys sharing tips & tricks on creating order in your home and life as well as motivation and inspiration to tackle those long overdue organizing projects.
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