Master Bathroom Organization - Reveal

I have no idea where the month of June went. We had a blackout the end of the month and 3 weekends without a husband, made June fly by. I forgot that it was July and I didn't post my Master Bath reveal OR any of the organizing we have done. So I apologize for the long post today, but pictures make it fun :)

So as you may have seen, we have started decluttering our home with the KonMari method. In her book, Marie Kondo suggests sorting by category, rather than room, and going in a particular order. I promise you, I have gone in order, but since Operation Project Organize is not focusing on clothes {next month is Master Bedroom Organization for Operation Project Organize so you will see it soon enough}, books or paperwork this month, I did those tasks but will post those decluttering posts later. So here is the process you can use to declutter your bathroom.

Again, Kondo suggests that you declutter according to category, but after clothing, books and paperwork, the komono {miscellaneous} categories can be a bit daunting. To help me out, I downloaded this amazing printable I found at Jersha & Dup. She breaks down each 'room' into a category so you don't forget anything. I skipped to the bathroom, because I don't think there really is a method to this part and that is the focus for this month, and used each part as the 'category' to sort.

So to get started, I collected all of the things in each category to sort, starting with towels and working down the list. I did leave the laundry room things to do until we do the laundry room for Operation Project Organize {hint hint: December}.

Here is what our decluttering looked like. We started with the bathroom undersink and the linen closet because most of the 'bathroom' categories were actually in the linen closet.

Then we started decluttering.

This is what we ended up with.

The after

My favorite part is under the sink. It looks so good! I used Marie Kondo's suggestions and used shoeboxes and other bins that we had around the house. It may not look pretty but we don't care because we are saving money.

Another suggestion from Kondo, is keep the shampoo, conditioner and body soaps out of the shower area so it is easier to clean. I did place them under the sink you will see and we will see how many showers we take without the soaps before we get used to this {or put them back in :) }.

Changes we decided against - You will notice in the photos that we did not keep with our blue and grey tone. I fell in love with this coral and grey shower curtain! So now it is time to bring some more coral into the room.

We also decided to not replace the shelving.

Our biggest declutter was travel toiletries. Even Kondo says this is a major problem that she sees. I did discard what had expiration dates and donated the rest to our local pantry.

You can see Jenny's bathroom transformation here.

What would you say is your problem area in the bathroom? Are you prepared to declutter?
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  1. My bathroom is decluttered since we just replaced the sink and vanity. The closet outside the bathroom? hahahaha not even close. I get so much bath and body stuff sent to me, it is absolutely insane! I donate what I can not use, but a lot of it I have to try. I can't donate that, so I give it to friends. TL;DR I need to do this soon!

  2. I need to do mine, especially under the sink!

    For toiletries, I use the travel stuff or almost empty stuff FIRST now. It has almost completely eliminated clutter.

  3. Wow! Great job. It looks really good. I really need to work on this in our Master Bedroom, then my oldest son's room. Now, just to find the time...

  4. Looks great! I bet it feels good to have it all done. I love your shower curtain.

  5. This looks great! This has inspired me to do some decluttering in my bathroom too!

  6. Looks great! Don't you love when you walk into a "complete space"?

  7. This is inspiring- our bathroom needs some major organization-love!


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