Nursery & Garage Organization Reveal

operation project organziation Month 5 Nursery & Garage Reveal 

This week we have been hard at work. We have been organizing, cleaning and decorating our areas to be able to give them a  new life.

Stephanie's Nursery Reveal

This month started off very strong, but when your husband is traveling for work and your daughter gets sick, life definitely steps in the way.

We started off the month with a deep clean of the baby's room. I always like to start with a fresh slate and we deep clean one room a month so that we don't end up doing it all in the spring.

We were able to hang up her gallery wall {well most of it} and here is where you can find the printables for yourself.

Nursery Gallery Wall for little girl. Links to all of the printables.

I made new room darkening shades for her room and put up her name, that I have had cut for a while, over the crib. {Please excuse the bad lighting. It is tough getting a moment to take the picture during a rainy day}

Black out Curtaiins DIY for Baby Girl Nursery

I made some changes in the closet. I rearranged her clothes and added hooks for the infrequently used but needed extra bags. I haven't done much yet with the shelf side of the closet as every time I go into the closet, a little body is following after me taking down clothes or hangers :)

It has been super difficult to get in this room to get things done, seeing as that I usually work on projects during nap-time. I do have a couple of projects in the works still that haven't been completed, but will be finished up soon enough!

Jenny's Garage Reveal

I have a surprise for you. By now, you and I are great friends and I am sure you won't actually be surprised. Not anymore. But guess what! We didn't finish the garage!! SHOCKING - I know! So, for this month's garage organization reveal, we are going to show you Marco's great big contribution to this month's organization project.... yes, you can feel free to note the sarcasm.

Hardware Drawer Labels

Honey, Have You Seen the...

I consider it a small victory convincing my husband to add labels to his hardware drawers where he keeps all the miscellaneous stuff like screws, nails, hooks and nuts. I consider it a colossal coup getting him to talk about it on here! You know how guys can get about “their stuff” and how they “already know where everything is at.” I think I’ve bruised his pride as he feels like I’ve invaded his space. So now…in his own words…I present to you my 100% co-operative and newly organized husband with his labeled hardware drawer organizer!

A Husband’s Perspective…

First, let me start by saying I love my wife…but this project was the MOST ridiculous thing she has ever made me do. This stands up there with her trying to tell me how to organize my sock drawer! I didn’t need labels on my hardware drawers. I know where I put stuff. If I forget, I can certainly open every drawer until I find it. I don’t see anything wrong with this. But guess what? For the four times my wife goes into those drawers all year I am being asked to label them. FINE! I’ll do it!
  Renovar Operation Organization - Hardware Drawer Labels 1

The Right Tools

For this manly job, the tool of choice was our DYMO Letra Tag handheld label maker. Your other earth- shattering decision is whether you want the words on white tape or silver tape? That’s it. Just this little machine that spits out labels and the tape it prints on. I chose metallic silver tape.
  Renovar Operation Organization - Hardware Drawer Labels 2

Getting Started

If you can spell, you shouldn’t have any trouble entering words into the label maker. Before you begin printing labels you should go through your hardware drawers and organize things so that they make sense. Try grouping drawers with other like drawers. I didn’t do this.
  Renovar Operation Organization - Hardware Drawer Labels 3

Making Labels

Begin entering the label titles into the machine. The way this works is you can enter several words on one strip of tape until the machine tells you that you cannot fit any more. Words are separated by one or two spaces. After you receive the indication that no more words will fit, you review your labels. Once you are satisfied, you hit PRINT. The machine can print out about a 9” strip at a time. The length of each label determines how many are printed on one 9” strip. The DYMO has a built in cutter. Push the cutter button and you now have a strip of labels. Cut the strips into individual labels.
  Renovar Operation Organization - Hardware Drawer Labels 4

Applying Labels

Before applying labels to the plastic drawers, be sure the drawers are clean, free of dust and dry. Applying the labels is simple. They have easy peel-away liners to reveal the adhesive backing. Once you’ve peeled the liner, line the label up on the drawer face. My drawers had horizontal lines which made the lining up easy.
  Renovar Operation Organization - Hardware Drawer Labels 5


After about 30 minutes of work, the job was complete. I was now the proud owner of a newly organized efficient hardware drawer unit. Roughly seven hours after I finished, my wife found time to inspect my work in the garage. I can’t wait for her to need that one thing in November that will now be a breeze to find!
  Renovar Operation Organization - Hardware Drawer Labels 6

Renovar Operation Organization - Hardware Drawer Labels 7

At least I got to keep a few things my way!

Hope that you follow along and become inspired by our Operation Project Organization and that you find some ideas and inspiration to make changes in form and functionality to your home as well. In fact, we are challenging you to become organized along with us! Later this week, we will be posting about how you, the reader, can participate in Month Six of Operation ~ Project Organization ~ 2015! You don’t even have to be a blogger, just a person with a need for one area (month) or more. You can also follow along on our Operation Project Organization 2015 Pinterest board for more great ideas as well!

Happy Organizing!
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