Exciting Announcement for Parents!

Hi there! Thanks for reading Managing a Home! I am so happy to have you all reading along with our little blog we have here. We are super excited that you have stayed with us through the changes we have here at our blog.

We have one more change here for you. Since this site is all about Managing our Homes, we thought it only fitting to keep it to just that....Managing your Home. We recently launched our new blog, just for parents!

Raising Seraphim is all about parenting, kids activities and all things kids focused. We are keeping this information separate from this blog because we have found a lot of women who want to learn our healthy living and organizing tips but don't have children. Plus, being a teacher B.K. {before kids}, I have tons of ideas and activities that I do with my own child now.

Be sure to visit us over at Raising Seraphim, follow along on social media and check out some posts! {You can also find the link in the 'For Your Kids' drop down menu anytime!}

See you soon!
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