Bathroom Organization Updates & Progress

Bathrooms are not always the most glamorous rooms in the home, but there are some beautiful ones out there! Bathroom organization is tricky but when well executed, it is amazing and makes life so much easier.

Let's check out how our bathroom progress is going.

Bathroom Organization Updates. Tips for starting your organization in the bathroom.

Stephanie's Master Bathroom Update

I have been super busy in my home, but not the bathroom. We started the KonMari de-cluttering method and I am going in order, at least to start. So I am sharing with you today our plans for the bathroom.

Blue and Grey Bathroom Inspiration. Beautiful combination.

We currently have Behr Rainwater on our walls {I am not sharing it in the picture because the online photo does not look ANYTHING like what we have on the walls} and we love the light blue color. Right now we have a dark brown/dark grey conflict going on. We didn't decide which way we wanted to go with it, so we have a bit of both. We want to go the grey route, so we are doing the switch now.

Most of the basics we already have and really love. Most of the changes will be cosmetic and de-cluttering. Adding a different shower curtain, getting a new rug {since our daughter messed up the last one almost a year ago and I haven't replaced it}, new organizational materials and updating our shelves.

So I am off to do more Kon Mari de-cluttering and will be back with updates soon!

Jenny's Bathroom Update

Well folk's it is the middle of the month and I am

jenny under the sink

It may or may not be due to the fact that I have spent 14 hours on Saturday in varying positions looking like this? I lost track of how many hours I spent working on various projects after work during the week and on Sunday. Needless to say, our bathroom organization project has taken on a life if it's own and has become a mini-remodel. I will NOT complain because I am happy. Sore in muscles that I forgot existed, maybe, but happy! I have done much of the work myself (Marco has helped a tiny bit too with projects I am unable to physically do or mentally not capable of doing - like if they involve math.) So, for a quick update:
master bathroom construction
Nothing is finished. Nothing is pretty. YET....
master in progress
and the before just so you c an see what we were dealing with.master bathroom before

We will be bringing you some great projects before we see you at the reveal!

Hope that you follow along and become inspired by our Operation Project Organization and that you find some ideas and inspiration to make changes in form and functionality to your home as well. In fact, we are challenging you to become organized along with us! 
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