Bathroom Organization - Month 6 OPO

Bathroom Organization Challenge for June

Half way through the year?! Where did the time go? This month the focus is on bathrooms. I will be focusing on just our Master Bathroom and Jenny will be ambitious and tackle all 3 of her bathrooms!

Stephanie's Bathroom Project

So this month, I am focusing on the Master Bath. Just the Master Bath you ask? Let's face it...

  1. I can barely cannot even finish a room on a normal month, let alone several bathrooms.
  2. Honestly, we only have one full bath - so there is my focus
We renovated our bathroom less than 4 years ago so we will for sure not be undergoing any major changes here. Here is just a brief look at our previous bathroom to our current bathroom. {Excuse the poor lighting in the first photo, this was way before I started blogging and knew I should document each step :) }

Master Bathroom Renovation Completed

So now we just have some minor things to update and make more useful. 

The Plan

Master Bathroom Organization Plan. Make the space more useful for our family.

  • We have clutter all over the bathroom. With only one sink, we cannot afford the valuable space being taken up. 
  • I would also like to be able to open the door all the way. Right now we have so many towels hanging on the back of the door that it will not open all the way.
  • One thing you don't see is that after bathtime, the floor is covered with toys and dirty clothes. We need a better organizational system for that.

Master bathroom under the sink organization plan. Started out organizing, but something wasn't working.

I did attempt to organize this at one point!
  • Obviously something isn't working for us or this organization would still be in tip top shape. We either have too much stuff or it's not functional. Time to evaluate.
  • The bottom drawer did start out as the baby's drawer and was organized, until she realized she could open it and get toys out. So I need to figure out a way to keep it baby friendly and organized.
Not too much on this end! Phew...this way I hope to find ways to finish projects in other rooms.

Jenny's Bathroom Project

We have 3 bathrooms in our house. Nothing spectacular. Just 3 small bathrooms. On the main level, off the kitchen we have this small powder room.

  powder room before 

The plans:
  • Just to touch up some of the paint.
  • Install hardware
  • Change out the faucets
We are stuck with the flooring because it is connected to the kitchen and we can't do anything about that just yet. Our bathroom which is a modest master bath:

master bathroom before 

The plans:
  • We are going to do a bead board ceiling. Which will be a quick and easy way to patch this ginormous hole and will add to our beachy feel.
  • I want to move the outlet. We can't use it in the current state.
  • Touch up paint
  • Possibly paint the laminate flooring. I want to explore some options at the very least.
  • Replace the sink and faucet.
  • Install hardware
  • Paint light fixtures
  • Change out ceiling vent thingy
The girl's bathroom. Well, now this one is fun.
Girl's Bathroom Before 
Wait, why no picture? Because I almost tripped and killed myself to take pictures because they didn't clean it... as usual! So, I improvised. lol
  • I am going to re-organize their bins. For like the 10th time in 5 years.
  • I am going to touch up paint.
  • I am going to replace their shower head.
  • I am going to see if they want to make any changes to their mirror.
  • I am going to paint their vanity and reorganize the pigsty underneath it as well.
  • Install hardware.
I can't make more space - which is what they need. I also don't have a magic wand nor can I sing bippity-boppity boo to make the mess go away. Although both of those things would be wonderful!

I hope you are ready to kick off the month! Don't forget you can click to download our checklists to help you out with your planning.

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