Storage Area Organization Reveal–OPO

How can it be the end of April already? Where has the time gone? This month in Operation Project Organization, we were tackling our Storage Areas. Our storage areas were multi-functional – storing crafting materials, pantry items and lots of storage stuff {including outgrown baby things} Let’s see how we did this month.

Stephanie’s Reveal

I did so poorly this month. I think this is the month that I did the least for my project. We were so excited when we got the storage unit we started cleaning it out and moving things over. I finally have more space, but trying to actually fill it and organize it has been non existent. Between being sick and a husband travelling, it has been chaos in the house. {Next month will be worse, but at least I have a plan on how to handle that!}

We were able to move a ton of stuff out and we have new metal shelving on order since they didn’t have what we needed in stock. So we need to wait on that, but the plan is to have pantry items on one side and household items on the other {against the studded wall}

I now have tons of room behind the door and created a set of drawers for my holiday décor {post to come later this week}. Now we have tons of room for the stuff we have to move down from upstairs :) .

The tool area has not been touched and I was not given permission to touch it – so that will be an ongoing summer project for the hubby.

Nothing else has changed unfortunately. But the one relief is that we got stuff moved out and we have more room!

Jenny’s Reveal

I am not even going to lie - do I ever?? No. I don't. I am like Honest Abe and I cannot tell a lie. It is honest Abe... isn't it? You see, history, current events and the like - well, those things aren't my strong suits.  Anyways, there I go again... We aren't even into the first statement and I have already gotten off topic!

So, storage spaces. Not the funnest of spaces to organize. (insert I am not even going to lie here) It is the sad, ugly truth. It is a part of our household. It is a part of life. We must deal with it. Not always fun But let's see what we can do to make it as fun as possible, shall we? Here is the not so fun part of our storage unit. Remember where we started? You can read about the before HERE?

renovar design month 4 

Then the during part? If you can't remember or if you are new, you can read more about that HERE? Then, when Marco decided to try to get all funny on us acting like a battered husband because I needed help with a project and he wrote about it HERE? Actually, NO. I didn't even ask for help. HE OFFERED! Poor guy... Oh well. I love what he did with the place & all my windows!

  renovar design vertical door & window storage 

Then, we added another, oh 20 minutes or so after that and this is what else we have! Ahhh. Holiday Storage Organization!

How to improve and maximize holiday storage using plastic bins and vertical space. 

Extra clothing organization.


A place to store unfinished furniture. Neatly stacked and room for more!

  furniture storage 

Even a place for my holiday wreaths. Which I will post more about later this week!

wreath storage renovar design 

Well that wraps it up for this month. Next month, we are splitting up! Jenny will be tacking her garage {another awesome storage space} and Stephanie will be sprucing up the nursery {since she has no garage}. What could your project be?? Check out some of the spaces we have already done for some inspiration!

Happy Organizing!
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