Nursery & Garage Organization Progress - OPO May Update

Welcome back to our update for our organization projects. Just as a recap, Jenny and I are working on organizing a garage and nursery.

operation project organziation Month 5 Nursery & Garage Progress

Stephanie's Nursery Progress

This month is starting off much better for me. We have started with deep cleaning the nursery. I do my 'spring cleaning' for each room or set of rooms per month. This is so much easier for me to do. I even have a deep cleaning checklist for you to use. This created the perfect blank slate for me!

We have also added new blinds to the windows. When we first moved in, my husband bought all of these new blinds but there was about 3 inches of slats at the bottom. I took it upon myself one day {knowing nothing about what I was doing} to take some of the slats out so that the blinds laid nicely on the windowsill. Well, this is one of the last 2 blinds that need to be replaced because they have either gotten stuck halfway up, broke completely or the pull strand got broken and is no longer able to go up or down. I really did a number on these. Lesson learned: Do Not Mess With New Blinds.

I also figured out 7/8 of the gallery wall. I have one more frame insert I am finishing up and I am done. Look for the details and sources in Thursday's post.

I have lots in the making, but not much else completed. The reveal will be super fun!

Jenny's Garage Progress:

Well guys, remember when we had our water heater issue? You can read more about that here. Here is a picture of the new water heater! We upgraded to a 50 gallon tank.

renovar garage 15

The tiny closet in the garage also stores our furnace. So, behind the water heater is extra furnace filters. Between the two appliances is our step-stool and in front is our garbage bags. We maximize every space we can!   The next few pictures are before and afters. Before on top with the after on the bottom. I think they will mostly speak for themselves...

shelving before and after 1

I can walk into the garage. I can find my cleaning products a whole lot easier.

shelving before and after 2

I have purged a ton & feel soooo accomplished already! Can't wait to show you more as the month progresses!

shelving before and after 3

We have our work cut out for us! Remember to get EVERYONE who will be impacted by the changes involved – comments, critiques and inputs. Now onto the planning! Don’t forget to let us know how you are doing and follow our Operation: Project Organize Pinterest Board for inspiration and tips!

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