Year of Date Idea: Bowling

Think back to the days of elementary school birthday parties. I spent many of them at the bowling alley. It was so fun trying to get all of the pins down for a strike, watching other people and trying to emulate them and actually getting some exercise that you were unaware of. It was youthful fun. Why not have some youthful fun with your hubby?

date idea #2 Bowling
Why is bowling a perfect date?

It’s affordable. Depending on what type of bowling alley you go to, you pay per game/per person about $3-5. Shoe rental is usually $1-2 per person. Two games should take about an hour. You don’t need anything special – you use their shoes, their balls and their alley. *Some alley’s offer Sunday specials or ‘happy hours’ during the week. Obviously, higher quality bowling alley’s will be more expensive.*

It’s exercise. You are getting active, even though it doesn’t feel like it. I know after we went bowling, my throwing arm and legs were sore. At one point, we were even sweating a little. I was so thankful for the fans built into the ball return. {yes I am that person…}

You can make a wager ;). Up the stakes a bit. Play best out of 3 and either person actually has to live up to their end of the bet.

You can bring the kids…if you have to. Some people are not lucky enough to live near their parents like we are or cannot afford the $10/hour for a babysitter. If you have to bring the kids, see if you can get them a lane next to you so you and your hubby still have your own game going on, along with some privacy, while still keeping an eye on the kids.

One thing to look out for when scheduling your bowling date is leagues. Most bowling alleys will host bowling leagues most nights of the week. So if you are planning a date night out during the week, just call ahead to make sure they have lanes available. They usually will have 2-3 for regular bowlers.

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Happy bowling!

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