OPO: Month 4–Storage Area {and catch-up} Updates

How is it already the middle of the month?! Where has the time gone?

We have been busy at work getting our storage areas cleaned out and planned out so that we can start loading them up! Let’s take a look!

Stephanie’s Progress

On top of the storage unit, I am trying to finish some things up from previous months.  Here is what we have so far:

For the Storage Area

We got a storage unit! If you follow us on Instagram, you saw the exciting news on Thursday that we moved into our storage unit. This was a decision we had been tossing around for a while because we have so much {baby} stuff that we know we will not be using anytime soon and it was taking up valuable space in the attic and storage area. We are slowly bringing things over to the unit and I am sure we will be filling it up. I will be sharing some of the ways we are packing things for long term storage, be on the lookout!
Storage Unit
I started cleaning out the storage area and purging things we will not need. Our development is planning a yard sale in May, so some things will be put aside for that, and our township is hosting a paper shred and electronics recycling in June, so we have some of that on hold as well. We ordered some new storage shelves to expand our pantry area. I have also freed up lots of space on the floor and I am excited about new storage ideas there.

Playing Catch-up

Craft Closet – I finally labeled all of my pockets on the door. Now everything is so easy to find, even my husband doesn’t mind going in there looking for things.

Filing/Paperwork – I finished up our photo organization up to the beginning of this year and have started creating Shutterfly photo albums. I will be doing one for each year, but as a trial, I am doing one for our wedding.

Living Room/Entry – I am waiting for some nice weather so that I can get outside to do some painting. It has been nice and warm, but raining. As soon as I get some painting done, I can get another project crossed off my list!
Now let’s check in with Jenny.

Jenny’s Progress

Hey there! Hope you are all doing well! With the rain that we had when we started the beginning of the month, it prevented us from taking before pictures for you. So, I included the before and during pictures all rolled into one.
renovar design month 4
In a previous post, I mentioned that I redo and sell furniture, so we have a fairly large storage unit. We also don't have a basement in our modest town house so we have no room for our holiday storage. This means we need a large storage unit. In the before pictures, we didn't have all of the Christmas bins over from the garage yet. So, you are only seeing part of the holiday storage. We had it in the back of the unit on the left side of the wall. It was hard to get to. Furniture and other crap has just been scattered here and there. The first step was to take all the holiday bins out and relocate the shelving unit to the very back wall.
4th month 
Once we did that, we put all of the holiday stuff back in and took advantage of the vertical space. Marco also took a few hours and addressed the windows and posted about that HERE. I will admit, I was pretty impressed & happy with his idea.
renovar design vertical door & window storage 
In the main image, the bottom photo shows what we still need to work on. I have purged a few pieces of broken furniture and trashed them. I have a few boxes to sort through as well. We have spent about 6 hours total on this project and have about another 4-6 hours left to complete it which will include moving out of the antique booth and bringing any unsold furniture pieces over. 

I have not been as ambitious as Stephanie with completing any other projects...yet! I hope that we will have an opportunity soon! I did get some MAJOR spring cleaning done this weekend and steam cleaned every carpet in our home and our couches and that is pretty exciting since we have 5 cats! 

I hope that you follow along and become inspired by our Operation Project Organization and that you find some ideas and inspiration to make changes in form and functionality to your home as well. In fact, we are challenging you to become organized along with us! 

Happy Organizing!
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