Operation: Project Organization–Month 4: Storage Areas

Welcome back to a new month of organizing! This month we are taking a different focus. In our initial challenge, month 4 was supposed to be our kitchens, but due to project overload {we can’t decide what we really want to do} we are taking this month to focus on our storage areas and finishing up previous months projects. After all, where is all this stuff that we organize, purge and clean up go anyway? You will see… 
operation project inspiration Month 4

Stephanie’s Storage Area Before 

When we renovated our basement now almost 3 years ago, we decided that we needed much more storage space than the 2 small closets that we had. I had no idea that we would be filling them this much! I am embarrassed to show you these pictures, but I am playing fair. {I’ll show you mine if you show me yours}
The entry to our storage unit – aka: what you see when you open the door
Storage Area Entry 600
This is where most things get piled. As you can see, there is just a pile of stuff {some still from Christmas} just lumped there in a pile. Most actually could get trashed and just hasn’t been sorted through yet.
The Man Cave – aka: where the tools are stored
Tool Storage Area 600
As you can see, we can’t even get back there to get a good before shot {I can get that for you before we start}. As you can see, we share this closet with the furnace and hot water heater. If only they would leave… I am going to talk my husband into letting me back there to organize it a bit, we will see if he lets me… 
The Built-in Shelves
Storage Shelves Built in 600
We didn’t quite think too much ahead when we put these in. It has become a piling area. As you can see, it was attempted to be organized, but when you see empty containers and things that haven’t moved that we are saving for “one day” {and not future kids} it may be time to let go. 
Open Storage Area – aka: Below the shelves piling area; aka: another entry area
Open storage 600
As you can see, we have a lot of Graco product. Thanks to a review I did for Graco, we are all set. I am actually giving away that Nearby Napper on my blog if you would like to try and help me get it out of the storage area win, you can enter here
Pantry Storage Area
Top Storage Area 600metal storage shelves 600

This should be our pantry storage, but as you can see, we have shelves that are barely being used. This used to be organized, but what we need are labels…I’m on it! 
Unfinished Projects
We are also attacking our unfinished projects too. You can see what {progress} and unfinished projects I am working on in the Craft Room, Paperwork/Filing and Living Room.

Jenny’s Storage Area Before 

For us, this 4th month organization area has changed. (Actually, because of this, almost the entire remainder of the year is changing.) I had originally planned on our kitchen being the focus for April. We do not have the full estimated budget amount saved yet so it is being pushed back for now. We also are having another life change - a month before the first blog post went live here on Renovar Design, we tried our hand at selling the items we re-purpose at an antique mall. We have made enough money to make our monthly rental fee and cover the expenses of the credit card fees and additional commission we are charged. That is it. We have had a nice amount of sales and I am extremely pleased with that. What we aren't seeing is the money back into our own pockets. The rent and other associated fees consume that money. Therefore, we made the decision to leave the booth at the end of April. 
That leads into the fact that we will need a place to store any unsold items and our storage locker in its dis-array can not currently accommodate that extra stuff. Neither can our over-filled garage. So, with some disappointment and sadness, we are making the change to have this month be for our storage unit. Followed by our garage next month. I am actually anticipating & hoping that those projects each only take a long weekend to complete - giving us time to catch up on the little odds and ends of the other projects from the months prior and finish them up. It will hopefully also give me the free time I need to start working on more furniture. See, we have no intention on stopping that portion of what we do. We are just going to market our products on social media and craigslist rather than let somebody else reap the rewards of our efforts. I hope you understand. Also, it will give us a few extra months to save for the kitchen! 
So, here is the plan. I don't have before pictures yet - I will give them in our update post next week. (Their isn't electricity in our storage unit and by the time I get off of work, the lighting is too poor to capture a good image. I have a few days off and if the rains holds off, I can get some decent pictures.) Below, is my inspiration. I only have one set of large shelves. I want them to go to the very back part (they are currently on the side.) I also want to use the perimeter of our unit better so that we can have the walking space to quickly get in and get out. We are fortunate that our storage unit is about 1.5 miles away. We have no basement in our town home so it is used for all of our holiday decorations, clothes that my not currently fit and also for unfinished furniture or up-cycling projects. Soon, it will also need to house the finished furniture as well. In a neat, presentable way. 

Storage Area 
Now it’s your turn! Share with us your Storage Areas and what your plans are. We will check-in in the middle of the month with our progress.
  • Identify what your project is this month.
  • Identify what is and isn’t working
  • Develop a plan
  • Create a shopping list and shop
Week 2-3 (The Clean-out & Purge)
  • Diminish
  • Discard
  • De-Clutter
  • Paint if needed
  • Begin re-organization following week 1’s plan
Good luck and Happy Organizing!
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  1. Thanks for sharing--that looks awesome. I have two big projects--my garage and my office. Both are dumping grounds for anything that doesn't have a home. I doubt if I can be as successful as you, but I sure am going to try!

    1. They are both my dumping grounds too! Join the challenge with us and try to tackle your garage. It is spring and it is getting beautiful out! Feel free to email photos! We love seeing other's progress!


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