A Spring Bucket List for Toddlers

Flowers Spring get outside

Welcome Spring! 

It is officially the first day of spring! I am so excited to be done with snow and cold! My daughter and I are ready to go out and play!

Well, Mother Nature didn't get the memo that it is Spring. Her and Old Man Winter needed one more hurrah so they are dumping some snow on us...right now. But it is starting to look like spring in our house!

This year will be so much fun since we {my daughter and I} will be able to go out and enjoy the weather more than we could last year when she was an infant. I wanted to have a bucket list for us to do this spring, but everything I found on Pinterest seemed to be for older kids. So, I put together some fun ideas for us to do as a "Toddler Spring Bucket List". I printed this out and placed it in a frame so we can cross of what we do together. You can too! Click on the photo below to download this list for you and your toddler.
spring activities for kids
I am really looking forward to these activities. Some of them will be challenging - like making a bird feeder together {think of the mess} and playing in dirt {I hate dirt..really}.

What would you add to your bucket list with your toddler? 

Happy Spring and enjoy the outdoors!

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  1. Hello Stephanie! Adorable list for the little ones. Thanks for joining us at Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party!


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