Operation: Project Organize - Month 2 Reveal


operation project inspiration Month 2 reveal

I can't believe that February has ended already! Time flies! Total aside, it is so relieving to know that we are only 2 months into our home organization projects and we are making huge progress!

Over the weekend, we hosted a blog hop that was All About Organization. Jenny showed how to have neat & organized photo storage. I had a great idea for small space mail organizing that I DIY'd for cheap {read: free}! If you missed it, you can click here for more details!

Stephanie's Reveal:

I didn't get everything done I needed to! That's ok - because some of it I can finish in other months.

Here are my goals for the month and how I fared:
  • Filing Cabinet - I did it! I completed the filing cabinet! I purged and re-organized all of the files we had. All that is left are the files in my husband's personal file that he has to go through {it will be done one day}. 
    filing organization. paperwork management
  • Receipt & Mail corralling - I created this super simple place for receipts to gather. I also made a super simple, super affordable {read:free} mail center for our home
    Creating a system to organize receipts by the front door will help you organize them for budgeting and money saving. What a simple solution. | Managing a Home commmand center mail management small houses or apartments renter friendly
  • Photos - Almost finished. I have completed from 2006 - 2013. I deleted 1,200 pictures from our Italy trip alone in 2011 and still left over 1,000. 2014 is the most difficult year, because it is full of memories from when my baby girl was, well, a baby. It is so hard to go through them without reminiscing.
I am actually starting the process of making photo books by year for us, so that we have some hard copy photos. I have TONS of shutterfly coupons and certificates to use so you should look  out for a post soon about that process too!
  • Grocery List/Pantry Items - Did not actually get to - but April will be Kitchen month - so I will work on it then :)
Jenny's reveal:

We have accomplished a ton over here at Renovar Design. The biggest change is going to come from eliminating a lot of the paperwork that comes into the home and to go paperless! The less paperwork coming in - the less paperwork to have to manage. LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE! 

In addition to getting all of those photos sorted, organized and stored safely; we have determined what paperwork to keep in the filing cabinet, and for how long. I have also created a binder for all of my medical records. My husband thinks that I should make that all digital too, but all too often, I need to give a Dr. a hard copy for my records and I am more comfortable knowing where all of my stuff is and being able to quickly provide a physician office something on demand. No need to have medical records released from another facility when I have them right their with me. I will do a separate post on both of these projects in the coming weeks! 

SPOILER ALERT: Here a few photos of the posts to come!
Filing paperwork medical records 2 

I know we have started to see some exciting projects coming in! Keep up the good work! Don’t forget to follow our Operation: Project Organize Pinterest Board for inspiration and tips! 

Happy Organizing!

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