Easter Basket Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

Easter is coming upon us much faster than I expected. I am in full whirlwind trying to get my new site ready for you that I have completely dropped the ball on decorations, Easter goodies and anything related to Easter. At least I have some good content for next year??

I was going to split these Easter basket ideas into two categories, but I am finding that most of what the Easter Bunny gave my daughter last year, "she" will be repeating for her this year, just older :)

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What to include in your basket

Books - We always include a book. I think it is so important to give kids books from the beginning. We have been reading to her before bed since 6 weeks and she loves, loves books.

What we are including: We are including this push button book. My daughter loves to push buttons on anything and she has an animal book now that she loves.

Movies - Starting your child's collection of movies now will help you in the future. They may not be able to watch the whole thing or you may limit their TV but eventually, just one movie may give you time to even get dinner ready. Last year we got Frozen for her {last movie we saw before we had her} and she loves it now! For Valentine's Day we got her 101 Dalmatians because she loves "bow-wow's". 
What we are including: For her love of dogs, we are including Lady & the Tramp.

Snacks - It is common to find candy in Easter baskets. First, I don't want my baby/toddler having candy. Second, is that the healthy habits we want to instill in our kids?
  • For babies - some food pouches or special snack food. 
  • For toddlers - their favorite finger foods
Fun side note: For Christmas, my brother gifted my daughter a whole box full of puff snacks. I wish I knew so I could get her face on video. She was so happy when she saw what it was, she didn't even know where to start.
What we are including: She loves Plum Organic's Teensy Fruit so she will get a box of that. She also loves Cheddar Bunnies and Animal Crackers so I will put some in her Easter eggs we put around the house for her to open. {and some in her basket}

Practical Item - Giving a practical item as a gift helps kids get excited about using the item rather than forcing it. When we gave my daughter her plate, spoon and fork for Christmas, all she wanted to do was use that. Now she won't eat a meal without them. 
What we are including: The fork and spoon set. She eats best with these and we keep washing the same ones over again. 

Bubbles - What kid doesn't like bubbles. My daughter has grown into loving them but even as an infant, she loved watching them in the spring. And nothing says spring like bubbles!
What we are including: We are getting a bubble machine for her. She loves them so much
I can't keep up! Thanks to your opinions this is the one we chose.

Toys - Small toys are great for any age. 
What we are including: A dog stuffed animal. She is obsessed with "bow wow's" as I mentioned earlier and loves dog stuffed animals. 

Outdoor Fun - Let's get excited to get outside!
What we are including: We are including a kite. It's on our bucket list for Spring so no better time to get her one!

Clothes - This is always a good excuse to get cute clothes. This is self-explanatory - go online and go crazy!
What we are including: Baby girl needs socks! I am going to roll them up and put them inside plastic eggs for her to open!
I have some shopping to do! As always when I buy from Amazon I use my Prime membership so I get FREE 2-day shipping, so my procrastinating lifestyle will still give my daughter an awesome Easter!

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What would you add to the list?

Happy Easter!
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