Operation: Project Organization–Entry & Living Room Reveal

Okay guys! Month 3 of Operation Project Organization is finished! We both have made some tremendous progress – and if we keep this momentum up, 9 months will go by fast leaving us with more organized homes! How are your projects going? We would LOVE for you to share your photos with us. It is also NOT too late to JOIN OUR CHALLENGE! The beginning of Month 4 is coming later this week!!

Operation Project Organization Month 3: Entryways

operation project inspiration Month 3 reveal

Stephanie's entryway organization:

Boy has March thrown me for a loop! This has been a crazy month for my husband and I. We have not gotten too much done in the house between overtime, Master’s program, redesigning the blog, and little baby teeth. But all excuses aside, I did make some headway and I have a ton of materials to finish up some projects now that the weather is nicer.
I was able to get the front entry looking better. We are able to use our bench for once and I was able to optimize space in our storage area with drawers from IKEA. They aren’t filled yet, but they are ready to be! I also moved the unit down so that it is next to the windowsill which gives us a small space next to the wall for a basket to hold our outdoor fun gear: balls, bubbles, umbrellas, etc. I need to hang my 3M hooks in the large space to the right for my diaper bags, but other than that, just decorating that to look nice.
Reveal front entry
We also created a nice area for my daughter and her toys. Before, we stored her toys and books in a nook under the stairs. She wasn’t a fan of going into  the nook to get out her toys, so we are adding a shelf there for us {unfinished project} and we moved her 2x2 shelf down from her room. It also adds as a nice spot for coffee while sitting all cozy in the chair in the morning reading my blogs.
Reveal Play area
Our list of things to catch up on include:
  • making the sofa table for behind the couch
  • making a cushion for the bench
  • putting up the new coat hanger and shelf for the front door {have both, just haven’t installed yet}
  • fixing out rug from sliding {again, have all the materials, just ran out of time}
Let’s check out how Jenny did this month. Her entry looks amazing!

Jenny’s Front & Back Entryways & Command Center Reveal: 

Hello guys! I spent the entire day Saturday scrambling to finish up the entryways to show you guys today! As I am writing this, I have a heating pad on my back - does that tell you how much work I did? LOL. I can tell you that it is soooo worth it. No pain - No gain.

Back Entryway:

I showed you the update on the back entryway here. In case you missed it, here are the before and after photos.
Entryway To Do
back entryway reveal renovar design 
Since then, I have added hooks for the girlies backpacks because the lockers are a tad too small for them since they share a large locker. back entryway with hooks 
 Spoiler alert: I have also made this cool vintage inspired "open" sign. I propped it up on the lockers to show you, but I plan on hanging it on the wall. I also am making the word DINER because when you walk into the back entryway you enter into the kitchen. More on this later.

vintage inspired open sign renovar design 

For the command center:

In Month 2: paperwork organization, we had taken everything out of the command center area & this is what it looked at the beginning of this month.
command center
command center renovar design
I had functional organization in mind and we really took our time to figure it out.
I re-arranged some of the way we had stored our items. This will also have it's own post - so stay tuned!

For the front entryway:

We painted the door a beautiful shade of aqua green. Not as bright as in the back door. Also, it had to have more of a green undertone as we live in a town home and we have a home owners association with rules. Since I was making a change, we had to ask for permission for the new color for the door, they reluctantly said yes. However, it had to stay in the green family. I doubt that this is what they were expecting, but this fits us sooo much better!
  front door make-over renovar design 
 To put some fun in FUNctional - I added these doorknobs that I bought from a thrift store for 50 cents each and spray painted them silver. They are the kind that don't physically turn, so I hung them on the wall and they are now new coat hooks for our guests. (I was originally going to place them under the mirror, but after a family vote we put them on the side with the net so that they aren't as noticeable.)
  door knob upcycle renovar designupcycled coat hook renovar design 
 Here are the before and afters!
front entryway to do
front entryway re-done
We are going to do a small gallery wall around the mirror. I also added a new sisal rug and a reproduction olive bucket next to the bench for guests to put their shoes .
  Front Entryway Transformation Renovar Design 
 That's all folks! P.S. I will show you more details of the specific projects in the months to come!operation project inspiration Month 3 Reveal SQ

I hope that you follow along and become inspired by our Operation Project Organization and that you find some ideas and inspiration to make changes in form and functionality to your home as well. In fact, we are challenging you to become organized along with us!

 Later this week, we will be posting about how you, the reader, can participate in Month Four of: Operation ~ Project Organization ~ 2015! You don’t even have to be a blogger, just a person with a need for one area (month) or more. You can also follow along on our Operation Project Organization 2015 Pinterest board for more great ideas as well!
Happy Organizing!

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