Operation: Project Organize - Month 3 - Entry Way

Welcome to a new month for Operation ~ Project Organizaiton! This month Jenny and I are going to be working on the entryways into our homes.
  Command Centers and entry way organiziation

Stephanie's Plans for Month 3

Before I get started with our plans, I am showing you the embarrassment that is our current living room/entry way situation.
Entry Way madness
Terrible entry way. There is no spot to actually sit down on our beautiful bench that was made for us for our reception {inside the seat, everyone signed!}, there are diaper bags and shoes everywhere. And that storage unit.....
Living Room Madness
This is not the welcoming area that we wanted. There are kids toys and things all over!
Living Room Madness
Such unused space - I can't wait to tackle this area!

This doesn't even include the "kid toys storage area" or the space behind our door {tune in this month to see those travesties!}

My Goals for this month are:
  • Find a better way to store our shoes/coats/items to return/etc. I am tired of them being thrown around and not having a place to keep them all in check. 
  • Actually use the usable space we have provided. We have a couple areas in the room that are not being utilized for storage and can be - our shelving unit {albeit awkward} from IKEA and a space next to the fireplace. 
    Entry Space needing more organization
  • Create a space that is multi-functional. The space needs to be used for kid play during the day and adult space at night, during naps and for company. This is how it is in a smaller home. 
Jenny's Plan for Month 3

I had a dream. A dream of a clean, clutter free entryway. We have made huge progress when my husband brought home these vintage lockers that my brother salvaged from a job site years ago! They had been sitting in my Mom & Dad's garage for over 5 years and my Mom almost sold them in a garage sale for $20.00 each. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? I seriously, almost cried. I am very grateful that my husband coordinated their relocation to our home. The best part {and luckiest} is that they fit in our entryway perfectly! Like we designed it that way. Yep, another happy accident! It had about 4 inches of space left which is a perfect space to store our broom and libman wonder mop! I also have planned on painting the kitchen in aqua, cream, yellow and red. So, I am not touching these babies at all! (Unless I decide to distress them a bit to let more of the original aqua show through!?) Tell me, what do you think? as is? *or* more distressing?
locker close up

Problems and plan for the back entryway:

  • Before the lockers were here, we had one of those 9 bin organizers with the fabric bins. On top, was our pens, etc. The 9 bins held our paper that needed shredded, plastic bags, paper bags, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, disposable lunch supplies and party supplies. We have not transferred those things into the lockers yet (pending the organizational challenge for this month.) I think I am going to have MORE THAN ENOUGH space. We just can't agree or figure out a labeling system. We both agree that we want to keep the original number plates. What we can't decide on: Do we use a label maker? Do we use dangling tags in metal? Do we use magnetic labels? I don't know - that is why I am asking YOU for help & all ideas are welcome & appreciated :)

  • Last month, we organized our paperwork. The one thing we didn't tackle (knowing that this was part of the entryway} was our mail sorting system, et al. I say et al. because it is really our command center housing so much more than mail.  

command center

  • I also plan on painting the entryway and the door that was an organizational fail. I painted chalkboard squares to simulate a calendar type of thing and well, ya, that didn't work out so much. I also want to add board and batten or some detail element to the half wall to bring in some character that this cookie cutter town home lacks & add a bit more of our personality into the space.

Entryway To Do

Then, of course, we have the ugly UFO light that will get replaced.
UFO light

Problems and plans for the front/guest entryway:
  • The main entry way needs some place for shoes and for coats for the guests that enter our home. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for something fun and unique.
  • We need to change out the boob light. This is worse than the UFO light!  
front entryway to do

  • I am also hoping to paint both sides of the door. We have a home owners association, so I am limited. However, I am a rule breaker by nature - and I am sooooo over the hunter green that I may just go for it!

front door 

I am confident that with the help of the husband, we can knock this out in no more than two weekends!

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