Operation: Project Organize - Month 2, Week 4

Can you believe that it is almost the end of February already?! Where is the time going?

I have been super busy getting my paperwork in order, how about you?
Operation: Project Organization Month 2, Week 4

So far, I have tackled my receipt clutter, I have gone through all of the paperwork and actually re-filed {I'm saving the surprise for the reveal} and I am more than half way through my photos! With the photos, some months are proving to have more photos than I can handle {try over 3,000 in October 2011 - when we went to Italy} so I have slowed down a bit.

One reader submitted her command center that she created in her home.
Easy Command Center to conquer clutter

The green table fits perfectly in the space. She has created holders on the wall next to her calendar with accordion files. The brown basket is for her "misc" things she would need - like the things you would put in the top middle drawer of a desk - but it is out so she can see it. The middle space is for incoming and outgoing mail and she has post-its next to that for easy labeling. The box to the right will be used for important papers they need to keep track of {when she gets the perfect cute folders}. 
*source for brown basket is Michaels, green table @ HomeGoods and everything else was Staples*

In one afternoon, she was able to recreate this empty area near her kitchen into a beautiful command center to conquer her mail and other paperwork!

So now here is your job to finish up the month!

Month 1, Week 4
    1. Finish any un-done projects in that area: ie: touch-up paint, clean walls, baseboards, carpeting, flooring
    2. Label if you plan to do so
    3. Discuss final layout with the family to make sure it is functional for everyone
    4. Make any final changes that may be needed

Happy Organizing!
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