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Is it just me or does mail seem to multiply. I have tried to minimize my mail by removing us from mailing lists and getting digital magazines and subscriptions, but somehow, it all starts to creep back in. Instead of our piling system on the table, I needed a way to get the mail to the correct person and preferably not just piled somewhere else!
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One of my favorite things about homes when I look at them are command centers. I love the organization that is present there: the calendar {usually color coded for each family member}, the memo boards, the file all makes me giddy to look at. 

Unfortunately, in our current home, the command center of my dreams is not a feasible option. So, I have taken steps to create as close to a command center as I can. Today, I am sharing with you the mail management portion of that.

I had a vision to use some sort of wall hanging file sorter*, but due to lack of wall space, I couldn't actually hang anything on the wall. So I went into DIY mode.

I used all items I had in my home, so this was a free project! Yes, I didn't spend anything right now to complete this project.
file folders twine organizing with household supplies free organization
I took 3 file folders that I loved and trimmed the tops off so that you wouldn't even know they had been file folders.
file folders small homes easy and free
Then I folded them inside out so I would see the pretty pattern in front of me. I folded down the front flap so again, you see the pattern. I simply used packing tape to keep it folded down. I was going to use staples, but I wanted to maximize the space in the folder.
 file folders folding and taping easy DIY
To stack them, I used kraft glue on the paper-to-paper part and used a bead of low-temperature hot glue on the packing tape edges. I lined up the bottom folder to the crease of the top folder.

I used my hole punch at the top and attached twine by double knotting. I am so acurate about my twine measurement I will share it with you: I hold it in my hand and pull up to my shoulder. Then I cut. Easy peasy :)

I originally planned to use a wreath holder to hang it from the top of  the door, but I had on hand a cute 3M Command Hook*, so I went with it. I also used a 3M Poster Strip* at the bottom to keep it from swaying - again easily removable.
Mail Management for small spaces. No holes in the walls - easily removable.
I decided to label it with some vinyl that I had. I simply cut out the letters with my Silhouette, you could also use scrapbook letters too.
silhouette vinyl letters labeling

You could add as many file folders as you would need for your family. It is removable and easily seen. We have it hanging on the door going down to our basement where our office spaces are.

What system do you use to manage your mail? Would this work for your family?

Organizing Blog Hop

I hope you are in the mood to do some more organizing! I am sharing with you some of my favorite blogging friends today! They have some amazing organizing projects for you. Take a look and see what other projects you may start today!

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Along with my mail management above:

Kim from Enjoy the View shares ideas for craft organization from up-cycled candle jars.

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Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline shared with us how to Organize with a Cart from Ikea

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Jenny from Renovar Design shares Neat & Organized Photo Storage.

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Take some time to explore these amazing women, their blogs and their great organization ideas!

Happy Organizing!
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  1. Stephanie, I love it! It's great that you were able to get the organization you needed with supplies you already had on hand. Looks great! I'm so happy to be a part of the All About Organization Blog Hop with you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I think this is just so clever, Stephanie! And I love the file folders - where did you find them? Thanks to you & Jenny for allowing me to be part of the All About Organization Blog Hop - it was the first time I had done something like this, and it was a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Kim! I got them a while ago at Target. Target always has amazing file folders!

  3. Hi Stephanie, this is such a quick and easy organization, I need some cute folders.
    Fun to host with you again.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


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