Must Have Features For a Pack 'n Play

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Finding a pack 'n play, or any baby item, for the first time mom can seem like a daunting job. With all of the options available, it is no wonder that we need the full nine months to make a decision! 

I was invited to attend an "At Home With Graco" Party in the Philadelphia Area to introduce us to the amazing features of the new Graco® Pack 'n Play® Playard Nearby Napper™. My only wish is that this brand new Graco® Pack 'n Play® Playard Nearby Napper™ was available when my baby was small.
Must Have Features for a Pack 'n Play. Graco Nearby Napper has it all!
Fourteen months ago, we had already chosen a Graco® Pack 'n Play. For us a Graco® Pack 'n Play was a no brainier.  The quality of the product was obvious when we were trying them out in the store and we knew almost every one of our friends/relatives/neighbors had a Graco® Pack 'n Play. 

What I love about Graco® Pack 'n Plays:
  • The push button fold makes it so easy to fold up for travel. 
  • The changing station is sturdy and so convenient.
Must Have Features for a Pack 'n Play - Including Sturdy Changing Station. Graco Nearby Napper has it all!
  • The base pad is comfortable in the full sized bassinet as well as on the base for the playard option.
  • Vibrating option and the sound machine are great options to have - you never know if your baby will need it.
  • The colors are just so cute! And who thinks to include a bed skirt on a pack 'n play? Graco®!!
But these new additions make the Graco® choice an even easier one. The Graco® Pack 'n Play® Playard Nearby Napper™ really makes life on mom easier by having so many options in one convenient product. I know in our house, having multi-functional products were essential because of the lack of room that we had to store it all. 

What makes the Graco® Pack 'n Play® Playard Nearby Napper™ different?
  • There is a reversible bassinet in the playard. The flat nest bassinet easily flips to an inclined napper. 
Must Have Features for a Pack 'n Play. This reversible bassinet is beyond great! Graco Nearby Napper has it all!
    • The security on the reversible bassinet is superior. There is actually a lock/lift feature on the product so parents can rest assured that their baby will not accidentally flip over - either by their own force or a big brother or sister trying to rock the baby. 
  • I love the addition of the mobile. It is so nice to have a stimulating option to occupy your baby. {and it's easily removable!} My adorable little photo bomber seemed to like it :)
Must Have Features for a Pack 'n Play. Having a mobile that is easy to remove is super important. Graco Nearby Napper has it all!
  • The bassinet easily lifts out of the playard so the baby can rock on the floor next to you while you fold laundry, work or even just take a nap. 
    • Even though the bassinet rocks on the floor, there is also a locking mechanism on the bassinet legs to keep it still if you don't want it to rock. Say..your toddler loves to rock the baby.when they are asleep.finally. 
Must Have Features for a Pack 'n Play. A locking rocker will come in handy. And safe too! Graco Nearby Napper has it all!
The best part is that it grows with your child so they can use the playard as they get older as a napping place, a play area or just a safe spot in the house. 
Must Have Features for a Pack 'n Play. Full sized for use as baby grows. Graco Nearby Napper has it all!
Take some time to check out the new features of this Graco® Pack 'n Play® Playard Nearby Napper™ and then make a list of who you can get it for!

Happy baby, happy house!

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post by Graco®. All comments and options are solely my own. You can see here my full disclosure here.
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  1. Our children are all grown but we use one similar for our grandbabies! I think it is even made by Graco but yours is MUCH better!

  2. My daughter has one of these with all the frills and it has been a lifesaver!

  3. What an upgrade! I will definitely pass this along to my friends who are expecting.

  4. I love this!!! I didn't realize you were close! I was hoping to get an invite to this event, but no such luck for me. My baby is too big now anyway, but he would have LOVED this about 6 months ago!

  5. wow this pack and play is amazing! They've gotten much fancier since my first kiddo!

  6. So cool! We had to retire ours - baby could climb out. But we got a lot of great use out of it first!

  7. We have a Graco PnP, too. It's great!

  8. We used a pack n play for our grandchildren but they have really changed since then. Love this one. Cathy

  9. This is one great product and would make for a great gift for any baby. My cousin is in labor today having her first, really like this

    1. Congrats! Thanks for entering the giveaway..hope you win :) What a great gift!

  10. The push button fold makes it so easy to fold up for travel. Which is perfect for taking it to grandmas house.

  11. i love the bassinet feature, it would get a lot of use in our house

  12. I really like the reversible bassinet


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