What is in my perfect diaper bag?

With so many of my friends and family that are pregnant and my daughter turning 1 in 1 1/2 months {eek}, I am finding myself reflecting on the last year.

I went to a baby shower for some of our best friends on Saturday and gifted her the diaper bag she had on her registry filled with the essentials. Some she registered for, some she didn't. Here is some of the things I included in her diaper bag:

The essentials that I needed {and I provided for my friend} are
- a change of clothes {I put a hat, socks, onesie, sleeper and bib in a ziplock bag}
- burp cloths
- lots of wipe options: baby wipes, table wipes, face wipes, etc.
- bags for dirty diapers
- teething toys
- mommy hook
- hand sanitizer

I actually had the same diaper bag {and a backpack} stocked with almost everything you see in that picture. I had a full stocked diaper bag. Obviously if you are bottle feeding you will need bottles and formula, breastfeeding, you will need breast pads {I stored these in a ziploc}

But now, I can say that after 11 months of packing a diaper bag, I have it down, and with less stuff.

In my diaper bag {Coach purse turned diaper bag} This is what you will find:

I always have extra wipes readily available for the quick wipe down of a table or hands.

I store my diapers and wipes in a travel pouch. It is great because it is also quick to grab if I need to run into the bathroom with her or out for a quick errand.

I always have hand sanitizer available for quick access as well as other key essentials. Right now is Boogie Wipes and tissues.

I keep a bag full of toys for Seraphina, these are switched out and cleaned regularly. Here is what it looks like now. Full of rings and teethers.

The bag for diaper changes looks like this. I always carry sunscreen and the white cloths at the top are actually dry wipes with soap on them. All you have to do is run them under water and they are now soap wipes. {I cannot find them anywhere anymore..I think they were discontinued..sorry}

There you have it, my perfect diaper bag. There is even room for my small wallet/purse for my stuff.

What would you add for younger children or take away as they get older?
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