What to do with the leftovers gone bad?

So I know you are not supposed to air your dirty laundry, but what about old leftovers? Well, I'm breaking that rule today. I'm giving you a quick, smart tip on what to do when leftovers go bad.

How to give old leftovers a clean getaway
I don't know about you, but in our house with just two of us {the baby doesn't eat much}, we get tired of leftovers quick.

Problem: I usually make a meal good for 4-6 people. We eat the meal, separate the leftovers into Tupperware so that we can eat them for lunches or a quick dinner when I have nothing planned. With all good intentions to eat them...

Then about a week and a half later, when going through the bottom shelf of the fridge, I find an old (sometimes moldy) at-one-time delicious meal. The only problem is - we usually have just taken out the trash.

How to give old leftovers a clean getaway

The Solution: My brilliant husband came up with a solution to this problem when we was in college. He figured out how to make "leftover ice cubes" when he had a honeydew gone bad and was too tired to bring it all the way out to the dumpster.

Basically, when you find that Tupperware full of gross leftovers, pop the whole thing into the freezer! Then, when you take out the trash next, you go in the freezer and take out the containers and pop out the food gone bad. No smell, no mess, no bacteria - and the best part - the Tupperware goes right into the dishwasher and then it is time to run the dishwasher! (because it always is)

How to give old leftovers a clean getaway - freezer trick

For the Future: I want to try and reduce my waste of food (and money) so maybe I will try to take one or two of the servings and actually freeze it so that we can eat it later. Now to organize the freezer so we can do that...

*Bonus Tip - sometimes when you are popping the food out of the container it can stick. Just run the bottom of the container under some hot water and it will pop right out!*

Give it a try and let me know what you think!
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  1. This is brilliant! I constantly find yucky crap in the back of my fridge I forgot about lol. And I always have the same problem, the garbage can isnt full enough to throw this stuff in without stinking up the house and it makes me gag when I open the containers and see mold! I am so stealing this idea lol. Brilliant! Jess @LiveRandomlySimple


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