Fall Discovery Box

I love allowing my daughter to explore on her own. I love watching her play and discover how things work on her own. I also like to not give her too many toys at once. Like her books, I like to cycle her toys on a regular basis so she doesn't get 'bored'.

One special item that I keep constantly rotating is a discovery box. In this box, I switch out {for this age}sensory items that she is free to play with. This time of the year there is so many things that she can explore. I was able to put some items in there that are teething/putting in mouth appropriate.

Fall Discovery Boxes | Managing a Home

In this fall sensory box I have: 2 gourds from our local orchard, 2 pumpkins of different sizes {the smallest was in her mouth as I took this picture} and 2 artificial ornamental gourds. She has really enjoyed discovering the different textures, different consistencies while she chews on them. She has discovered that the artificial ones she can sink her 4 teeth into - they have been removed. 

Right now we are practicing putting objects into other objects, so I will go over and prompt her to put them back into the box. She will place couple inside and I will place the lid on and we will shake it all around {her favorite}. Then she will go back to exploring.

Fall Discovery Boxes | Managing a Home
We were experimenting with a different bin when I took this picture. It didn't work out.
This concept can be modified for any age. For example, when I taught 1st grade, I would have a discovery box and the kids would have to describe what items were in there, compare and contrast the items, or make up a story using those items. 

Some items that you can include in your sensory/discovery box could be:

- gourds
- pumpkins
- leaves {all the different colors would be great}
- pinecones
- feathers {think turkey}
- pumpkin guts {we had them in there in a bag but it went bad before I could include it in the pictures}
- mum flowers {even fake ones so that they can explore the petals}
- different hard squashes - acorn, butternut, spaghetti, etc. 
- hay - if there is no allergy
- corn husk

There are so many ways that you can use this box besides allowing your child to explore independently. Ask them questions, use it to help reinforce something they are learning at school or in our case just have fun! Fun is all a part of the learning.

What fall items does your child enjoy?
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